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Alexandra & her Dad

Alexandra and Christopher December 1996

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Dear Angela,

As I gather together with family and count my blessings this holiday season, I especially want to thank you for all you are doing for the Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation.

Your support helps advance the most promising spinal cord injury research being done today. As a result, we are making remarkable scientific breakthroughs and bringing new treatments to people living with paralysis that are improving their mobility and quality of life.

Today, I hope you will make a tax-deductible gift of any size to help carry on the work Dad and Dana began -- that people living with spinal cord injuries will one day walk again. Please help us secure the much needed resources to continue this work in 2009 by making a year-end gift to the Reeve Foundation today


My father was a remarkable individual. His courage, dignity and honesty inspired countless people. Yet, I think what touched so many was his insistence that he wasn't special, that he was no braver than millions of other Americans living with paralysis who go to work, raise families and lead active lives every day.

As a member of the Reeve Foundation's Board of Directors, I have been privileged to meet many of these individuals and see how their lives are touched by the thoughtful support of people like you. And your tax-deductible gift today will help us give more people the chance to live beyond their injuries next year.

People like Michael Murphy, who recently competed for Team Reeve in the 2008 Marine Corps Marathon, using a hand-cranked recumbent bike to cover the 26.2-mile course. Michael is a T-9 paraplegic, the result of an accident while at college in April 2007. After his injury, Murphy had five weeks of in-patient therapy. There, he relearned the basics of how to take care of himself, and how to deal with all the complications that come with being paralyzed. He spent the next 12 weeks, two to four hours a day, as an out-patient, where therapy got a lot more rigorous.

Fortunately, he has always enjoyed working out. He was in pretty good shape when his mom told him about Team Reeve. "I feel proud to wear the name Team Reeve on my chest," he says. In addition to his training, Michael has graduated college and is preparing for graduate school, where he wants to study military history to have a career in the U.S. military.

Before my father and the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation began their work, spinal cord injured men and women like Michael had little hope to increase their mobility and little encouragement to pursue their dreams.

My father believed that nothing is impossible. People like Michael Murphy prove him right every day. But they can't do it alone. It also takes kind friends like you, whose selfless generosity gives them hope, and gives our scientists and therapists the support they need to keep working towards the cure.

For that reason, I hope I can count on you Angela, to make a year-end donation online right now to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation. Whatever you can afford will really help.

On behalf of all the people you will help in the coming year, thank you. I wish you and your family a happy and healthy holiday season.

Alexandra Reeve Givens
Yours truly,

Alexandra Reeve Givens

PS: It's amazing to me how far we advanced in treating spinal cord injuries in the years since my father’s accident. And I know that’s because of friends like you. That’s why I hope Angela, you will help us continue our progress in 2009 by making a tax-deductible gift today.

Thanks again!

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