miércoles, 3 de diciembre de 2008

Is Madonna in Love again?

A-Rod Gives Thanks For Fam -- and Madonna

-Photos by Getty Images-

Seems like Madonna and Alex Rodriguez are getting serious. I mean, she is his "f*cking soulmate," after all.

The Yankee slugger played water boy to Madge Wednesday night in Miami, as he passed the singer some refreshments during her concert at Dolphin Stadium. But, soon after, he headed back to his family to spend Thanksgiving Day with ex-wife Cynthia and his two daughters.

The family bonding didn't last long, though, as Madge just-so-happened to extend her Miami trip a few extra days, and was back in A-Rod's presence -- pretty much right after the pumpkin pie was served. The NY Daily News says that Alex rushed off to Star Island, where Madonna has a home, as soon as the dishwasher started running.

I'm thinking Madonna's put some crazy Kabbalah spell on this one. He's like a little puppy!

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