viernes, 14 de noviembre de 2008

Live Earth India Coming soon...!

With Live Earth India only a few weeks away, many events and recent news reports emphasize why addressing our current climate crisis now is so significant. We invite you to join us!

Governors' Global Climate Summit

global governors climate summit

On November 18-19, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger will bring international leaders together to "find and implement new and creative solutions to address climate change through regional and global action." You will be able to observe the Governors' Global Climate Summit via web stream at Get a first hand look at "climate leaders" working together to find climate solutions to vital issues and to discuss a possible "global agreement on climate solutions that prevent the world passing the 'tipping point' as described by the IPCC."

Al Gore's 5 Step Plan to Clean Energy

al goreAl Gore recently introduced a five-point plan that "...would simultaneously move us toward solutions to the climate crisis and the economic crisis-and create millions of new jobs that cannot be outsourced." The two major crises we currently face can be alleviated by investing and giving incentives to work towards renewable energy in 10 years, create a smart grid to distribute that energy and to regulate emissions that are emitted.

To learn more about this 5-point plan and to watch Mr. Gore's presentation click here.

Friends of Live Earth India

friends of live earth indiaLive Earth India is happening in Mumbai on December 7th. The show will be broadcast throughout Asia live on the STAR networks, and will be streaming live and available on demand on MSN worldwide. How can you be part of what's happening in India? Host a Friends of Live Earth event on or around December 7th... and educate yourselves and your friends about how India can help change the world and solve the climate crisis.


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