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Senate Considering Action on CDRPA. Call Your Senators Today!

Dear Friends

Reeve Champion Senator Tom Harkin has asked Senate leadership to schedule action, again, on the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act (CDRPA) before Congress adjourns this week for the November elections. As you may recall, the Senate voted in July to limit debate and consider the CDRPA as part of S. 3297, the Advancing America's Priorities Act, but the motion failed by only a handful of votes (see Senate Vote No. 189). Negotiations are underway to consider the bill this week!

We urgently need your help! Please call your Senators today! Call your friends and ask them to make calls also!

Please take the following action immediately:

  1. Call your Senator's office and ask to speak with the Senator's health care advisor. Your Senator's contact information can be found here or by calling the Senate switchboard at 202-224-3121.
  2. Ask them to support Senate action on S. 3297, Advancing American's Priorities Act, which includes the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act (S. 1183).
  3. Encourage them to vote YES to bring up the bill, S. 3297; and ask them to vote YES to pass the bill.
  4. Tell them that the bill includes the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act, which supports scientific research, rehabilitation and quality of life for those living with paralysis; Explain why it is important to you, as a constituent.

Your calls are extremely important and will provide your Senators with the support they need to vote for the bill.

Thanks to your advocacy efforts, the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee unanimously approved the bill in August, 2007 and the U.S. House of Representatives passed its version of the bill last October. It is now time for the full Senate to act!

This past July, the Senate voted on and passed H.R. 5501, a bill that provides $50 billion to foreign countries to combat HIV AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria (see Senate Vote No. 182).

Tell your Senators that it is now time to pass health care legislation for Americans, it is time to pass S.3297, Advancing America's Priorities Act, which contains the Christopher and Dana Reeve Paralysis Act and several other health care bills that have broad, bipartisan support and have already been passed by the U.S. House of Representatives.

Forward to a friend.

Thank you,

Peter T. Wilderotter
President and CEO
Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation

Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation
636 Morris Turnpike Suite 3A, Short Hills, NJ 07078
Tel: 800-225-0292 Fax: 973-912-9433

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