jueves, 18 de septiembre de 2008

My Icon, Madonna

There was a difficult time, by the 80's, probably 1983, when I heard for the first time a especial girl singing a song named: "GET INTO THE GROOVE"... When I meet Madonna for the first time, musically speaking, of course. I started asking myself who was the candy but attractive voice of that young girl. There was something inviing you to dance and to listen to her all the time! Of course, later I knew it was Madonna between my friends, (not many as always) and since that time, I've started admiring, loving becoming her fan, simply and irresisitibly loyal and unconditional. Madonna means to me more than all that 80's Pop Music, more than her amazing look, that influenced lots of girls like me, around the Globe. Madonna means, respect, artistic intelligence, reinvention, love to the poor, a girl who transgreding rules was a successful woman but especially, offering her love to everyone around her. I admire her as mother, woman, artist and I think if God gave me the chance, one day she'll be very next to my city. I'm a mexican gil living in Peru, and because of work, children, etc... I won't be able to go to my country, to see her amazing performance. I feel the emotion thinking she'll be there for a second time after 15 years... or just watching the first videos of her presentations (that you can also see here) Certainly, she's not me. But we are pretty similar, Thank you Madonna for your inspiration, music and the opportunity of writing these words on official your web site!!! ;) God bless you and yours.

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